Busquet Ties Up Match With Loeliger

Olivier Busquet goes boat to open a 3-1 chiplead in game two of his best-of-three match against Linus Loelinger.

Down 1-0 in games, Busquet is looking to tie up the match and send it to a final game.

Busquet flops the world on a board of 5c – 8s – 6s with his 7s – 4s, a straight and a gutter to a straight flush. Loeliger comes along with Qh – 9h and sees the board run out 6d – Qd.

Loeliger leads out for 26,000 with his two pair, Busquet pauses, moves in and Loeliger calls off all but 1BB of his stack, only to see the bad news.

Loeliger doubles once but cannot find a second and this match is now tied at one game each, the final game about to begin to determine who advances to Sunday’s Day 3 and who is eliminated.