Chris Kruk Defeats Nick Schulman

The aggression of Chris Kruk is paying off in his final game against Nick Schulman, as Kruk opens a substantial chiplead.

In preflop with 5s – 3c, Kruk flops open-ended while Schulman’s Jd – 9h catches top pair on the Js – 6c – 4d board.

The turn 8h changes nothing, but Kruk leads out and Schulman commits 35 percent of his stack to come along.

Down to 44,000 – with 55,000 in the pot – Schulman cannot get away when the river comes 2h, giving Kruk the straight.

Schulman’s chips go to Kruk and Schulman is eliminated from the tournmanent.

Kruk advances to Sunday’s Day 3.