Hafu Flops Straight and Loses Pot

Hafu looks to be in complete control on the flop here in her first game against Alexandra Botez.

The flop comes out Jh – 7c – 9d and Hafu flops a straight with her Td – 8c.

Botez is not going anywhere, however, as she flops bottom set with her 7h – 7d.

The tables flip on the Jc turn as Botez goes boat. The players check and off to the river Kh go the players.

Hafu bets pot – 40,000 – and after a brief pause Botez moves all in for all but 3BB of Hafu’s stack.

There’s no fold here for Hafu, she makes the call, and she’s in danger of dropping the first game in this best-of-three format.