Olivier Busquet Defeats Linus Loeliger

There’s plenty of action coming once the turn arrives, a flush draw for Olivier Busquet and an open-ended straight drfaw for Linus Loeliger, Busquet a slight lead in chips here in the final game of their opening round match.

The board is 4c – Tc – Qh – 5s

Busquet came in to the pot with Jc – 5c so he also has third pair.

Loeliger is in with the Reno Skinny of 2s – 3s, open-ended.

The action delivers more on the river as it goes Barry Greenstein (Ac).

Loeliger leads out for 30k, Busquet raises to put Loeliger all-in, and after a brief pause Loeliger calls off his stack.

Flush tops wheel and Busquet advances to Sunday’s Day 3, eliminating Loeliger from the invitational tournament.