Owen Gains Command in Game Two

The Td – 5d – 2c flop hits both Dan Dvoress and Brad Owen, and Owen could be in a world of hurt this time around.

Owen has Kd – Tc for top pair and a King-high backdoor flush draw.

Well, you see, Owen has Ad – Th, also top pair but for a better kicker and better flush draw.

The flush draw becomes clearer with the 4d turn, Owen leads out and Dvoress calls.

More aggression from Owen as he makes it just shy of half-pot when the river comes Qc.

Dvoress has the best hand – we all know that because the matches are streaming on a two-hour delay and we’re reporting from the stream – but Dvoress doesn’t know, and he can’t find a call.

Owen takes a 3-1 chiplead in game two of their best-of-three match.