Game Two to Polk

So, remember what I was saying about patient play way back, about two minutes ago?

As I hit send for that post, well, you see, what happens is.

Next hand up, Polk with a roughly 120k – 80k chiplead.

Kh – 5d for Doug Polk.

Kc – 2h for Tom Dwan.

Both catch top pair on the Ks – 9d – 7h flop, both have trips when the turn goes Kd and this is likely a chop pot.

Well, then the river goes 5c, giving Polk a boat.

Dwan leads out for 12,750, Polk moves all-in and Dwan reaches for a bottle of water to tjhink this out.

He talks through the hand out loud, eliminating possibilities as he says “Fives? Sixes?” while thinking through how the hand played out.

Unable to get away from trips, he calls and Polk takes game two, evening their match at one game each.

Game three is now underway, winner advances and loser is eliminated from this invitational tournament.