Ivey Ahead Early, Loeser Plays Back

Phil Ivey has the control early in game one of the best-of-three opening-round match against Manig Loeser.

Well, he DID have the control.

Ivey moves to a 4-1 chiplead and gets all the chips in the middle when his Ah -5d catches two pair on the 3s – 4d – Kh – 3d – 5c board.

Loeser, however, is holding Ac – 2d and he rivers a wheel to catch a double and cut in to the chip deficit.

Just a few hands later and all the chips get in he middle preflop.

Ivey has Jacks, Loeser has Ac – Js.

Nothing for Loeser as the board goes 7d – 3d – 2c – Qd … but there’s Barry Greenstein (Ah), the win for Loeser and the match is back to even.