Ivey Lucks Out, Takes Game Two

Game two between Phil Ivey and Manig Loeser is showing as much action as game one.

With stacks close to even, Ivey opens with Kc – Qs and Loeser bumps it to about 20k with As – Kh. Ivey jams and Loeser calls, Loeser ahead and Ivey in danger of being eliminated from this invitational tournament.

Ivey flops a Queen but Loeser flops a Broadway gutter on the  the Qc – 4h – Th board.

Turn is 7d, then Loeser catches a pair on the Ks river, but that gives Ivey two pair and all but a few of Loeser’s BBs.

The chips go in the middle a few hands later, Loeser with Qs – 8d and Ivey again has Mom-and-Dad with Kc – Qc.

3h – 2d – 7c – Td – 3d goes the board and this match is tied at one game each.

The final game in this match in underway now.