Limitless Takes Game 1 vs. Petrangelo

The next best-of-three match here on Day 2 pairs up Nick Petrangelo against Wiktor ‘Limitless’ Malinowski.

Limitless opens with Qs – 9s and Petrangelo bumps up the stakes to 12k with 9d – 6d, Limitless making the call.

Petrangelo flops the world of draws on the Qh – 8d – 7d board, with Limitless catching top pair and a backdoor straight draw.

17,500 on the flop from Petrangelo, a call from Limitless. 

The turn is a blank – 3c – and Petrangelo shoves, Limitless finds the call, the river goes 4s and Limitless takes game one in this match.