Loeser Takes Game 1 vs. Ivey

Down early in game one to Phil Ivey, down BIG early, Mangi Loeser battles back and works his way to a 3-2 chiplead.

Aces for Loeser, and he opens for about 2.5x, with Ivey coming along holding 8h – 4d.

The 9c – 9d – 4h flop gives Ivey two pair, but we all know Loeser has the better two pair (because we’re reporting via the two-hour-delay livestream so we see the cards right when the viewers see them).

Ivey check-calls a minbet from Loeser on that flop, then Loeser makes it 21,344 on the 5s turn. Ivey jams and is in a bad place when Loeser calls.

River Deuce and Loeser takes game one in their best-of-three opening round match.