Nick Petrangelo Falls to Limitless

Two game-wins for Wiktor ‘Limitless’ Malinowski over Nick Petrangelo moves Limitless on to Sunday and eliminates Petrangelo from this invitational tournament.

The final two games went fast after Limitless took down game one.

Petrangelo takes game two when his KT rivers a King aipf against the AT of Malinowski in a game that only played a few hands.

Game three was even faster game two.

Still in the first level, a series of preflop raises end with all the chips in the middle and Limitless with the bigger stack.

Petrangelo has the preflop lead with Jacks over Tens.

That lead vanishes with a Ten on the All-Diamonds A – T – 5 board, no Jack appears as the runout goes 3c – 9d and the match finds its conclusion

This sets up a Sunday matchup of Limitless vs. ButtonClickr that is sure to draw a ton of attention from poker fans everywhere.