Patrik Antonius Defeats GACKT

Down to just 5BB, GACKT moves in with Jd – 9d and Patrik Antonius calls with Qd – 8c. The board goes Kd – 5h – 6d – 9h – 2h and GACKT doubles.

Two hands later and GACKT doubles again Q8 > 98, moving up 13BB.

The blinds are huge, there’s only 33 total BB in play, so this puts GACKT back in the match. Another jump in the blinds reduces the stacks to 25BB total. 

Down now to 6BB, GACKT moves in with 9h – 6d, Antonius has Threes and all the chips are in the middle preflop.

No 9 or 6 on the flop, turn or river and Antonius wins, advancing to play Doug Polk tomorrow, GACKT is eliminated from this invitational tournament.