Phil Ivey Defeats Manig Loeser

The chiplead moves back to Phil Ivey in the final game against Manig Loeser, just shy of a 3-1 chiplead with blinds at 1500/3000.

To the flop we go – 6h – 5h – 7c and this one is going to draw a ton of action.

Ivey has Th – 8h for a flush draw and he’s also open-ended for a straight.

Loeser holds As – 7s for TopTop.

All the chips get in the middle, Loeser at risk, and the drama comes to an end right away as the turn goes 9h, the flush and the match win for Ivey.

Loeser is eliminated from this invitational tournament, while Ivey advances to play Anthony Zinno tomorrow in Day 3.