Stephen Chidwick Defeats Lucky Chewy

Stephen Chidwick slowly extends his lead over Andrew ‘Lucky Chewy’ Lichtenberger as game two of their best-of-three match moves along.

Blinds are at 1k/2k as Chidwick opens with Ah – 2c for a minraise and Lucky Chewy comes along.

A check-call comes from Lucky Chewy on the Qh – Jd – 2d flop that hits both players (and they say hitting a pair is tough in heads up!).

Turn 6s is two pair for Lucky Chewy – one of the rare times in the two games where the cards go his way – and it goes check-check.

Lucky Chewy makes it 13k on the river, but that is a 2s river and Chidwick has trips.

A jam from Chidwick puts Chewy in a world of hurt, and he does find a call that brings the match to a close.

Chidwick advances to Sunday’s Day 3, Lucky Chewy is eliminated from this invitational tournament.