Botez Gets Out of Line at Wrong Time

Alexandra Botez is holding her own against poker pro Sam Greenwood, the lead changing a few times and making some aggressive bets.

Her aggression this time, however, does not go well as she makes a large 37k 3-bet with Qs – 8d on a 4h – 3c – 6s – Ts – 4c board, right in to the Sixes of Greenwood  that go full house

Botez loses more than half of her stack, dropping to a 4-1 chip deficit.

Now short-stacked with blinds rising, Botez moves in with Kd – 6c and runs in to the Ac – Kc of Greenwood.

No help for Botez on the 9d – 7h – 4c flop, the 2c turn or 8c river and game one in their best-of-three match goes to Greenwood.