Busquet, Kruk Tied 1-1

Olivier Busquet and Chris Kruk chop their first two games, moving in to the final game in their best-of-three match.

Kruk opens to 2k with Club 2Club 8 and Busquet defends with Spade AClub 4. They both check the flop of Heart ADiamond KSpade J and the Spade K pops up on the turn. Busquet checks again and Kruk bets 4,800 into a pot of 4,000. Busquet calls.

The river is the Club 7 and Busquet checks. Kruk bets 27,500 into a pot of 13,600 and Busquet gives it up.

“He’s bullying me, look at this guy!” Busquet says with a big smile while commentating on his own match on the WPT livestream.

Chris Kruk – 130,500
Olivier Busquet – 69,500