Chidwick Doubles to Get Even in Game 2

Darren Elias has control early in game two of his best-of-three match against Stephen Chidwick, out to almost a 3-1 chiplead.

with Heart QSpade K and Darren Elias pushes with Diamond ASpade 7. Chidwick snap calls and needs to hit or it’s 1-1 and the match goes to game 3.

It comes Heart 8Heart 7Club 8Diamond QHeart 4 an

Elias pressures Chidwick by moving in with Diamond A Spade 7 and Chidwick calls off his stack with Heart Q Spade K.

Heart 8 Heart 7 Club 8 goes the flop to give Elias two pair, the turn Diamond Q gives Chidwick a better two pair, no river 7 and Chidwick doubles to draw back to even in their match.