Chris Kruk Defeats Olivier Busquet

The lead flops back to Chris Kruk as he flops a straight, aipf with Diamond 10Club 9 against theDiamond AClub J of Olivier Busquet.

The board runs out Club 4  Club A, Busquet drawing dead on the river and getting there.

Kruk moves to 137k, Busquet to 62k. The blinds keep rising every seven hands, and Kruk is pulling further away.

Busquet picks up Club 9Heart 9 and races aipf against the  Club 10Diamond Q of Kruk

The board runs out Diamond 7Diamond AHeart QDiamond JDiamond 3, Kruk not just winning the hand but leaving Busquet only 1BB.

A double, another double, Busquet gets back to 4BB, Kruk 24BB, and once agains Busquet picks up Nines. This time he gets his stack in against the Club QClub A of Kruk

The board runs out Heart KClub 10Spade 5Club JHeart 4 and Kruk wins the match, moving on to face Limitless tomorrow in the quarterfinals.

Both the quarterfinals and semifinals play tomorrow, with Tuesday only the best-of-five finals match taking place.