Limitless Rapidly Disposes of ButtonClickr

Second verse, same as the first here in the day three match pitting Limitless against ButtonClickr.

Ad – Qc for ButtonClickr with a 3-bet to 10k, Ks – 3s for Limitless who 4-bets to 23,500 and ButtonClickr calls as they go to a flop of 6h – Kc – Ac that hits both players.

A small flop bet is called, and both players check when the turn 7s changes nothing, but Limitless locks it up when the river goes Kh.

All the chips go in the middle and once again ButtonClickr loses a major pot, leaving himself with 1BB.

He drops the next hand and Limitless takes this match in fewer than 10 minutes, winning 2-0 and moving on to tomorrow’s Day 4.