Patrik Antonius Defeats Doug Polk

Back-to-back huge hands take Doug Polk from what seemed to be a lead ending with a game two win, to Polk eliminated by Patrik Antonius in this WPT Heads Up Championship.

Two seemingly small hands, complete and check-option preflop with Polk’s Heart 7 Spade 5 and Antonius holding Heart 8 Heart 5.

Action ensues with the  Heart Q Heart 6 Spade 4 flop, Polk going 5,000 and Antonius check-raising to 16,400. Polk shoves his straight draw and Antonius calls off his stack.

The runout is  Spade J Spade 10 and Polk drops to 10BB as blinds rise every seven hands in this format.

The very next hand it is Antonius shoving preflop with Club 8 Club 9, Polk calling off his stack well ahead with Diamond 8 Club A.

Antonius grabs the lead on the  Diamond 9 Heart K Diamond J  flop, holding through the Heart J  turn and Club 5 river to win and advance.

Antonius moves on to tomorrow’s quarterfinals where he meets the winner of the upcoming Stefan11222 vs. Dan Dvoress match.

Both quarterfinals and semifinals matches play tomorrow, blinds moving to 9-hands long for tomorrow’s play.