Phil Ivey Defeats Anthony Zinno

Such a lengthy first game – the longest single game of the entire WPT Heads Up Championship so far – has us settling in for another long one here for game two.

Or so we thought.

Just in Level 3, Ivey starts with Kc – Tc, Zinno with Ad – 5d and Ivey has about a 2-1 chiplead at this stage of the game.

Both players with big flops, two pair for Zinno and a flush draw for Ivey on the 5c – Ac- 7d spread.

8h goes the turn, a little more than 20,000 in the pot now and here come the fireworks as the river is Jc, giving Ivey the flush.

Ivey opts to jam his remaining 110k stack. 

Zinno pauses, curious why a 5x pot bet, and he calls off his remaining 67k.

Ivey wins the match, advancing to tomorrow’s quarterfinals where he plays the winner of the upcoming Stephen Chidwick v. Darren Elias matchuip.

Zinno is eliminated from this invitational tournament.