Smith Goes Quads on JRB

Dan Smith takes the first game in his best-of-three match against Jean-Robert (JRB) Bellande.

Running strong in game two and pulling away from JRB, Smith limps in for 1,200 with Spade 9Diamond 8 and JRB checks his Heart 5Heart 7.

JRB flops not just a flush on the Heart 8Heart 6Heart J board but an open-ended straight flush draw.

Both players check and the turn falls Club 8. Smith 3-bets to 6,446 as he hits trips and Bellande calls.

The river is the Spade 8 and Smith goes quads.

JRB checks. Smith bets 20,644 and JRB check-folds, uttering a few words that don’t go in blogs.

These matches are on a two-hour delay, and JRB could be heard in the background of the Olivier Busquet/Chris Kruk match broadcast. The matches are taking place in the same room in Cabo San Lucas for players who traveled to this invitational tournament.