Stefan11222 Defeats Dan Dvoress

We pick up the final match of the day with Stefan11222 Burakov and Dan Dvoress ties at one game apiece in their best-of-three match.

Stefan11222 holds the lead here in game three with a 140k (58BB) stack, Dvoress down to 60k (25BB).

Dvoress has As – Qd, facing the Qs- Js of Stefan11222.

Dvoress leads on the Qh – 4c – Kd flop, but Stfan11222 gets there on the Jh turn.

30,000 in the pot as we go to the river, 8s, and Stefan11222 puts Dvoress all in.

Call and be wrong, and Dvoress is eliminated from this invitational tournament. 

Call he does, eliminated he is, and Stefan11222 advances to tomorrow’s quarterfinals match against Patrik Antonius.