Stephen Chidwick Defeats Darren Elias

Three straight all-ins as the stacks get shallow, Stephen Chidwick takes two of them and Chidwick eliminates Darren Elias 2-0 in their best-of-three match.

Elias drew a double on the first all in as his A – 7 held against the K – 9 of Chidwick, Elias taking the chiplead and leaving Chidwick 10BB

Chidwick gets a double the next hand as his K – J gets there against the A – 2 of Elias, leaving Elias just 3BB

Game, set, match to Chidwick as he takes the third consecutive all in, his Q – 5 besting the 9 – 7 of Elias.

Chidwick advances to play Phil Ivey tomorrow in an absolutely epic match pairing Ivey – long considered the best in the game, with Chidwick who picks up a lot of talk of being the best in the game now.