Zinno Scrambles to Take Lead

Down to his last 7BB as the blinds rise fast, Anthony Zinno gets his final chips in the middle preflop with Js – Td, called by Phil Ivey (42BB) holding Fours.

A Jack on the flop, no Four appears and Zinno gets back in the match.

Two hands later it is Zinno’s 9c – 7d flopping a straight on the 6s – 8c – Td board, Ivey holding Th – 4d for top pair.

Ivey bets 14,000 on the 5d turn, Zinno calling and then Ivey catches the wrong end of the straight when the river goes 7s.

Ivey bets to put Zinno all-in, Zinno obliges and now Zinno has the chiplead, 26BB to 14BB.

Blinds rise very seven hands in this format.