Chris Kruk Defeats Limitless

Game three in the quarterfinals match between Limitless and Chris Kruk finds the stacks flopping back and forth, Kruk gaining a bit of traction as the blinds begin to rise.

Limitless picks up Jacks – Js – Jc – and matches up preflop against the 7c – 5s of Kruk.

The 4c – 3d – Tc flop gives Limitless the overpair, while Kruk flops a gutter.

The pot grows to 23,800 postflop, and the gutter completes with the 6h turn, Kruk with a straight and limitless drawing dead.

Not seeing the cards as we do on the two-hour delay, Limitless leads out on the turn, Kruk opts to jam, placing Limitless at risk of elimination with a call.

The call comes, the cards are revealed and Chris Kruk defeats Limitless 2-1, advancing to the semifinals playing in two hours, streaming on delay.