Game One to Antonius

Blinds up to 1k/2k, Patrik Antonius with nearly a 3-1 chiplead in game one against Sam Greenwood in the second WPT Heads Up Championship semifinal.

Kc – Q for Antonius; Jd – Ts for Greenwood as we go to the flop.

Ks – 3d – Jh and each player hits their top pair, Antonius further out in front than he was preflop and he makes it 11,500 to go, Greenwood coming along.

Turn is 9d, both players with gutters to a straight that would give the challenger two pair. Antonius opts to put Greenwood all in, the latter calls off his stack and the river comes 2c, securing the game one victory for Antonus in this best-of-three match.

Game two is starting now.