Phil Ivey Eliminates Chris Kruk

Now with the chiplead, Phil Ivey completes with Spade 4 Spade 8 only to see Chris Kruk value his Diamond J Diamond 10. as a raise, Ivey comes along.

The flop of Club 3 Spade 5 Club Q brings a 6k bet from Kruk and a call from Ivey.

The Spade Q turn gives Ivey a flush draw and best-hand-for-now air for Kruk. a 12.5k bet from Kruk gets a call from Ivey.

River is Spade 7 and Kruk jams, unfortunately repping a flush his challenger actually does have. Ivey snap-calls and this match is over.

Chris Kruk earns $100,000 for his t3 finish.

Ivey moves on to tomorrow’s championship best-of-five match, the stream starting at 1 p.m. PST.

Ivey’s challenger TBD with two matches still to play.

Next up is Stefan11222 Burakov vs. Patrik Antonius, highlights now on the stream.

Winner of this match plays Sam Greenwood next (Greenwood defeated Dan Smith earlier today in the quarterfinals), the semifinals being streamed in full tonight to determine Ivey’s challenger tomorrow.