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Phil Ivey Wins WPT Heads Up Championship

Down to his last 13BB Patrik Antonius completes with Spade QSpade J , Phil Ivey puts Antonius all in while holding Heart ADiamond 10, and Antonius calls off his remaining stack.

The board runs out Diamond 3 Diamond 5 Spade 9 Club 3 Spade 3 and Ivey wins the 32-player invitational WPT Heads Up Championship Presented by Poker King.

Ivey earns $400,000 for the victory, Antonius takes $200,000 as runner-up.

Ivey only dropped one game during the entire 32-player invitational tournament – his first game against Manig Loeser – as he defeated Loeser, GPI No. 12 Anthony Zinno and GPI No. 13 Stephen Chidwick to reach the finals.

Antonius defeated Japanese pop star GACKT, Doug Polk and Sam Greenwood to make the championship against Ivey.

Many of the players traveled to the host location in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for the invitational. Ivey and Antonius longtime friends and legends in the game, sat across from one another battleship-style for their championship match.

Antonius Plays Back in

Down to just 7BB, Patrik Antonius doubles twice, back up to 45BB and Game Three is not over.

TT > K9 one of the hands to help Antonius moves to only a 3-1 chip deficit after being down close to 10-1.

Ivery on Verge of Victory

As – 6s for Patrik Antonius, 4c – 3s for Phil Ivey and off to the flop they go.

Ivey crushes the flop, hitting his straight while Antonius has TopTop.

Antonius goes TopTwo on the Ac turn and it is hard to see how all the stacks do not get in by the river.

River is 2c and the stacks go in, Antonius is left with just 7BB, Ivey close to closing out the championship

Game 2 Goes to Ivey

Patrik Antonius completes with Diamond 7Diamond K. Phil Ivey finds Jacks and makes it 12k, Antonius coming along to see a flop.

The flop goes Heart 4Spade QClub 8 and Antonius floats Ivey’s bet.

Antonius makes it about 12k on the Spade 3 turn and Ivey calls, well ahead in the hand.

The Spade 9 completes the board and Antonius shoves with air. Ivey makes the call, though, and Ivey is one game away from winning the championship.

Game three is underway now.

Ivey Retakes Lead

Heart K Diamond Q for Phil Ivey to open with, Patrik Antonius raises with Sevens to put Ivey at risk and Ivey calls off his 58k stack

Ivey in front on the Diamond KClub 9Diamond 8 flop, the board runs out  Diamond JSpade 10  and the game two lead flips back to Ivey.

Antonius Doubles to Lead in Game 2

Patrik Antonius opens with Spade J Diamond K  Phil Ivey raises with Club A Club 9 and Antonius calls.

Ivey bets, Antonius calls the Club 10 Diamond 4 Heart 10 , Ivey firing again on the Heart Q , another Antonius call as he’s open-ended on the turn.

Barry Greenstein – the Diamond A river – top pair for Ivey, Broadway for Antonius, the chips get in the middle and Antonius doubles to take the lead in game two.

Ivey Wins Game One

Jamie Kerstetter said she expects this match to move quicker than previous matches throughout this WPT Heads Up Championship Presented by Poker King, and the play is meeting that so far.

Patrik Antonius completes with Diamond A Heart 8 , Phil Ivey raises with Nines, only to see Antonius jam, with Ivey calling to put Antonius at risk in game one of their best-of-five Championship Match.

The Club Q Diamond 7 Heart 5 is no help to Antonius, the Club 7 and Spade 4 river give game one to Ivey.

Game two is underway now.

Antonius Takes Lead in Game One

Phil Ivey makes it 3k  with Club Q Diamond 7 and Patrik Antonius calls with Club 7 Spade K.

Both players flop middle pair on Heart 4 Spade 7 Spade 8 and check. Antonius bets out 3,420 on the Diamond 8 turn and 10,529 on the Spade 6 river. 

Patrik Antonius – 110,500
Phil Ivey – 89,500

How Did We Get Here

Here’s a look at how every match went in the 2021 WPT Heads Up Championship Presented by Poker King.

The championship match between Phil Ivey and Patrik Antonius – a best-of-five – begins shortly.